Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Let's see where we can go

You missed out on a lot of good hobbies in life because you didn't give them a chance. In your life, just as in mine, there are things we do not give a try when we really ought to. My intention is to discover new interests for myself and share them with you. Don't worry, these will be bite-sized posts, good for a quick read; not lengthy tutorials

Soldering, papercraft, recycling... anything; we will visit topics as varied and as foreign to you as possible, and maybe we will all learn a little about other (sub)cultures in the process, too.

I look forward to this. Let's see where we can go.


PJ08 said...

personally, I'm into some bushcraft, hiking/backpacking, survivalism, as well as teechnology, and science.
I find these interesting and practical at the same time.

Ngratz said...

sounds good, can't wait to read more from you. followed.

Adventure Person said...

Soldering is fun, fairly quick to pick up on too.

The Critic said...

I have way to much time, now I'll have something fun to do on my free time ;)

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