Thursday, 17 March 2011

Rocksmith will let you plugin your real guitar

Tired of Guitar Hero? Who isn't. One group that sure is tired of seeing wannabe rock stars jamming on plastic instruments are the real guitarists themselves. Soon, though, this group will be able to join the rhythm game fun without having to limit themselves to 5 rows of colored buttons. Soon, they'll be plugging their guitars into their consoles to play Rocksmith -- the game from Ubisoft that's about to one-up its fake forebears.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Is Apple sabotaging web apps on its mobile devices?

Apple may be sabotaging the performance of web apps on iOS, by deliberately making them run slower when run in full screen mode (i.e. when you launch them from the home screen). When web apps are run using the Safari browser, however, performance is reportedly normal. So the exact same app runs differently depending on how it is launched? You got it. And it may be an intentional move by the company.

Monday, 14 March 2011

On-demand manufacturing (in space)

Since the International Space Station's humble beginnings in 1998, the endeavor has resulted in various new findings in the areas of cancer research, protein crystal fabrication, and even the cultivation of human tissue, as well as the effects of zero gravity on the human body. What we learn up there might help us cure diseases down here, but doing science 220 miles (354km) away from your nearest supplier is a tricky challenge. The research astronauts do on the ISS often requires new kinds of tools -- tools that need to be supplied using space shuttles to ferry them; a costly and very limiting method. That might change when a new technology comes to fruition that would allow scientists on the station to create their own tools... from scratch.

Reverse chronology of Patrick Stewart

We take a quick break from our usual technology-related talk and bring you a refreshing piece on your favorite actor, Patrick Stewart. The man is 70 years old. But that wasn't always the case. Let's go back in time and revisit the younger years of this iconic actor, who despite being best known for his Star Trek years playfully returns to his original love: Shakespearean theater.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Game Maker -- some simple, yet powerful examples

It's unthinkable that a person who grew up with games did not at one point contemplate designing one of his or her own. A decade or so ago, however, developing games required a grasp of various elements of game design in order to even think of starting one's own project. Nowadays, there are a multitude of ways in which games can be made with very little programming knowledge, with tools similar to those that can aid in the development of Android apps. One such example is Game Maker, a software that allows users to create games, both simple and complex, without even touching a line of code. Let's look at some examples of what you could end up making with this program.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Developing apps, minus the skill requirement

We've strayed a bit in our previous posts where we spent a lot of time talking about various aspects of technology (you can glance at our tech-related posts here). But now it's time to return to the original purpose of this blog, namely getting you excited about things you never thought you would or could do. And what better way than to get you into creating your own Android apps.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

A reminder in Moore's Law

Mobile phones, laptops, netbooks and tablets: You see a new one in each category appear almost every month. Do you remember, on the other hand, back in 2006 when the first iPhone was released? Despite the trend in mobile phones slowly transitioning into the dominant touch screen-enabled smart phone we see today, the rate at which new electronics appeared on the market was far slower than it is today. Here's at least one reason for the increase in pace.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

How much do you know about the history of tablets?

You may be fooled into thinking that tablets are a phenomenon that appeared only after Apple took the stage with its first iPad. But even I was surprised at how far back the concept reaches. Those who followed Microsoft closely earlier last decade (that's the 2000's; not the 90's!) know that the company announced a "tablet PC" that would run on XP in 2001. That's a good nine years before the arrival of Apple's show-stealer. But here's where it gets interesting.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

A touch screen you can feel

Toshiba is at this very moment developing a solution to typing on a touch screen. Why do I say solution? Because, as smart phone users all know, the current method of input used -- typing on a virtual keyboard you can't touch -- is a step down from what we enjoyed in the Nokia-generation of the early 2000's: Actual buttons.

Friday, 4 March 2011

A pioneer for 3D to come

It's getting flak already, that's for sure. We're all hearing reports of headaches, and that some just prefer playing it with 3D off in general. That's fine; that's what the switch is for. But if there's one thing its predecessor taught us it's that certain games make such great use of the device's features that I'm certain most people will turn that switch right back on when an increase of fun is in sight. Point in case: If you know how skillfully the inventor of Mario continually employs the hardware Nintendo provides him with year after year, you know Mr. Miyamoto won't lose a sweat in pushing the 3DS to its limits and leaving us all with our jaws on the floor. invariably reach into his bottomless hat of imaginative ideas and make the absolute best of the 3DS.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Ink in my skin

At least one person you know has one. It's a process that involves piercing your skin with a needle filled with ink, over and over again.

Think of a person in your life with a tattoo. Have you ever asked them where it was from? A decision to mark oneself for life usually comes paired with a good story.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Don't take this the wrong way

Throughout the ages, has there been a more reliable material to keep oneself warm, and protected from rain and wind at the same time? Given the usefulness and many applications of leather in clothing, I'm surprised I don't see more young people wearing leather.

A forgotten sport

I tried it once. Went to the local knitting locale and picked up a ball of wool and a pair of those sticks. They say the act relaxes you, and it's true. I quit, after about a week, for fear of turning into someone else I did not know, and returned promptly to playing video games. I, however, can claim to have once tried knitting.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Let's see where we can go

You missed out on a lot of good hobbies in life because you didn't give them a chance. In your life, just as in mine, there are things we do not give a try when we really ought to. My intention is to discover new interests for myself and share them with you. Don't worry, these will be bite-sized posts, good for a quick read; not lengthy tutorials

Soldering, papercraft, recycling... anything; we will visit topics as varied and as foreign to you as possible, and maybe we will all learn a little about other (sub)cultures in the process, too.

I look forward to this. Let's see where we can go.